5 Easy Ways To Have An Itch- FREE Dog 

Proven Tips to Maintain the Perfect Haircoat of Your Dog

(That ANYONE Can Follow)

Here’s what you’ll get inside:

How to educate yourself so that your furbaby can have optimum skin and haircoat health

The best way to treat your dog when itching and scratching escalated

How to prevent the itch so that your dog will not get skin disease

What People are Saying

          “My Cola had off and on itching and scratching that keeps me worried all the time. Her favorite time to scratch was during night time. I was out of my wits end because aside from itching, she also bleeds and had many skin wounds after scratching it. Not to mention the bathing and medications that eats up my time.

          When my Cola got well and stopped itching, I was so happy and relieved because I can now finally sleep straight at night. No more incessant scratching for her.  I also don’t have to watch over her nonstop because her itching and scratching stopped. All thanks to Doc Loureuse, Cola’s skin is now okay. She now lives an itch-free life!”

Koni De Guzman

            “As a furmom, seeing my Zai’s skin condition got worse made me really feel sad. He had a skin disease that made him almost bald because of massive hair loss. He also keeps on itching and scratching. I decided to go to see his veterinary doctor, Doc Loureuse immediately. She prescribed us medications for Zai and we strictly followed her veterinary advice. Zai’s skin is now finally healed and he obtained back his good looks. No more baldness, his skin and haircoat back to its original state. I am very happy for his recovery. His skin disease disappeared and until this day it never came back.”

Lyka Montero

            “My deepest thanks and appreciation to Doc Loureuse for her generosity and spontaneity in sharing her time and knowledge on dog skin care like hygiene, food and others. As an owner of Migs with itchy skin, I developed an attitude to take deliberate and intentional care to my furbaby. Me and Mig’s doctor always discussed about things that are related to his skin problem. One specific veterinary advice that I followed was about Nutrition, skin supplements and other dog skin care as well. Now Mig’s itching has reduced and coat thickened as well.”

Faith Ada

            “We all want our pets to live comfortable lives. That is our responsibility as a pet owner. Owning one who is itchy like my Ida makes me feel sad and irritated whenever I see her itching and scratching. I cannot stand watching her doing that almost every minute.

              This book will help you identify your itchy dog’s ailment and what to do about it. It will keep you from unintentionally harming your pet more by self-medication and will lead you to the right treatment. Visit and consult your vet first like I did with Doc Loureuse. 

            Her book is highly detailed and very easy to understand. It is a must-have for an itchy-dog owner like me.”

Ma. Louraile Yu

             “ This book gave me the knowledge that just like us humans, pets too can have skin issues and problems with different underlying causes. Reading this book guided me on how to take care of my furbaby’s skin. It increased my awareness about skin itching. This also gave me an idea what signs and symptoms to watch out for. Thanks to this book I now know what measures I can do and what to avoid when my Sophie will have skin issues in the future.”

Lotis Cinco